Sunday, August 3, 2014

Blood and Souls For My Lord Hairioch!

Certain persons to whom I am married have very long hair and use hair sticks to keep it on order. Said persons have also long wanted hair sticks that double as weapons. And I thought, "Hey, with the 3d printer, I could do that."

I started by putting together a simple axe-head design in Sketchup. It's flat on the bottom, so I can produce two mirror-image pieces and glue them together. They also have a sort of tang with a 1/8" diameter.

Printing was pretty easy, with a little adjustment to make sure they didn't overflow the available print area or anything.

For the sticks themselves, I bought a dozen cheap wooden hair sticks off Amazon. They came pre-drilled, but the hole wasn't big enough for the axe head, so I got out a 1/8" drill bit and enlarged it.

From there, it was just a simple matter of gluing, painting, and inserting. Here they are along with another I made from a sword design I downloaded off Thingiverse as a spear head.