Sunday, October 25, 2015

Art Deco Switch Plate

Every since we moved into this house, over a decade ago, we've had the dull old plastic switch plate which was here before us. With the 3d printer, we can't very well have that, now, can we? However, unlike the Doors of Durin in the dining room, certain persons I'm married to wanted something better fitting the age of the house (constructed in 1930). I dug up some art deco designs and went through the usual process to turn that into a 3d shape, then superimposed that on a two-gang switch plate design.

The material for this one was a very different color, but I was lucky to find a can of spray paint in almost the exact same color we'd painted the wall when we moved in. To get the gold on the raised portion, I put a thin layer of gold paint on a piece of foil and pressed the switch plate against it, getting gold on the raised portion. I think it came out pretty well, looking a bit aged but matching the room's gold-and-red color scheme.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Monster Tokens

For anyone interested, I've posted files for basic monster tokens for Castle Panic. Not much in themselves, but they can be combined with monster shapes for DIY miniatures.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Monsters, Monsters

We don't (yet) have a true long-term solution to the wear and tear we put on our Castle Panic monster tokens, but I've got a possible one. The Wizard's Tower expansion introduced the idea of placeholder tokens. The big monsters get triangle tokens to be put in the bag with the others for random drawing, and when they're selected, they're replaced on the board by the real tokens, which are other shapes (pentagons for the 5-point dragon and chimera, for example).

So, then, with a little 3d printing, I can extend the idea to just about all the monsters. I worked up a basic token-shaped template, made versions with different sets of numbers (every range from just 1 up to 1-4), and started to combine them with various monster models downloaded from Thingiverse. Some of the monsters I've found are big enough to cause problems with my underpowered computer, but there are a bunch of miniatures games which provide very useful critters.

Here, for example, is an ogre:

And here's a troll:

The nifty thing about the troll is that a fire token fits on his axe:

I've only done a few so far (troll, ogre, and goblin cavalry), but eventually, I can probably get enough to replace all of the monsters.