Sunday, March 26, 2017

Steampunk Nautilus Stylus

More stylus sillyness in the style of the iPlume. To reiterate: a stylus for a touchscreen device is basically a conductive stick. It needs a conductive tip to touch the screen and a conductive body to carry the current through you. Anything conductive which touches you anywhere will do.

I saw this rather nifty design for a finger-mounted pen and figured I could capitalize on that. The styling was rust paint (I do enjoy that stuff, don't I?), a couple of fins and some gears, which just happen to fit on the mountings for the screws holding the parts together, and if they weren't glued in place, they'd rotate just fine. Too late, I thought of ways to preserve that motion. Oh, well; maybe some other time.

The way this works is by replacing the ink cartridge with a copper wire. The twist of wire at the front is ground down a bit, providing the necessary quarter-inch surface required for the screen to read it.

But rather than directly touching the wearer's finger, the wire passes through the body of the housing and touches the back of the wearer's hand. And it does, indeed, work. Not well, though. I may fit some spongy conductive rubber over the end or something so that the tip smushes a bit on the touchscreen, both for increased area and to protect the screen from scratches.

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