Friday, September 8, 2017

Her Own Private Themyscira

When the recent Wonder Woman movie came out, just about every woman I know wanted to go to Themyscira right now (except my mom, who doesn't go in for movies), and I suspect a good many of them would have wanted to stay. But, of course, it's difficult to get plane tickets to places that don't exist, so none of them got to make the trip.

But I got to thinking about how I could get my lovely and talented spouse as close to Themyscira as I could. The answer was a 3d-printed frame. It was back to the Classical architecture of my grad school days: fluted Doric columns, a simple entabulature (those are Ws instead of triglyphs, of course), and so on. Finished, of course, with a little paint to give it an aged look and some terra-cotta-colored "roof tiles."

 From behind, it's hollow.

And there are cutouts on the top and right side.

They're sized to snugly fit a small digital picture frame while leaving the ports and controls open.

It contains a memory card with screen shots from the movie as well spots on the Amalfi coast on which the movie Themyscira was based. The result:

A slideshow providing a window to the island of the Amazons. It's not a one-way ticket to a mysterious island, but it does fit nicely on a table or desk. And certain persons to whom I am married seem to like it.

And it just now occurs to me that I could do the same thing for her on a Rivendell theme...

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