Wednesday, January 13, 2016


The CNC is making it a bit too easy to fill up the house with furniture.

My lovely and talented spouse is not a tall woman. Much furniture is the wrong size for her, leaving her feet dangling uncomfortably just an inch or two higher than where they should be. So, then, a small footstool was in order.

The basic shape is just a box, really, and there are lots of places on the internet where one can create plans for a box which can be happily consumed by CAD/CAM software. Indeed, Easel has a box-planing module built in. So mostly is was just a question of putting in dimensions for a box of the right size and editing out a bunch of tabs to leave the top and bottom open. To that, I added some holes for dowels in two of the faces; they support a cushion. And to make it both prettier and lightweight, I added some symmetrically placed Indian/Persian/Middle Eastern cutouts all around. Throw some sheets of wood on the CNC, glue it up, and plop a cushion on it:

I may, at some point, stain it to match the rest of the room, but not in this weather.

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